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Introduction -- encryption
Crypt_CHAP::generateChallenge() -- Generates a new random challenge.
Crypt_CHAP_MD5::Crypt_CHAP_MD5() -- constructor
Crypt_CHAP_MD5::challengeResponse() -- Generates the challenge-response paket.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1() -- constructor
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::challengeResponse() -- Generates the Challenge-Response paket.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::lmChallengeResponse() -- Generates the Challenge-Response paket using the LAN-Manager Hash.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::ntChallengeResponse() -- Generates the Challenge-Response paket using the NT-Hash.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::ntPasswordHash() -- Generates the NT-Hash from the given plaintext-password.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::lmPasswordHash() -- Generates the LAN-Manager-Hash from the given plaintext-password.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::str2unicode() -- Converts a string to unicode.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv1::response() -- Generates the response-packet.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv2::Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv2() -- constructor
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv2::challengeHash() -- Generates the Challenge-Hash.
Crypt_CHAP_MSCHAPv2::ntPasswordHashHash() -- Generates an MD4 Hash from the NT-Hash.

Classes for generating packets for various CHAP Protocols

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