Structure of a post-install script

The post-install script class must contain two methods, one named init(), and the other named run(). The init() method is called at the same time as all other post-install scripts. The run() method is called at the conclusion of each parameter group in order to process the user's responses to queries.

The init() method

PEAR_Config $xml

The current configuration used for installation.

PEAR_PackageFile_v2 $self

The package.xml contents as abstracted by this object.

string|NULL $lastInstalledVersion

The last version of this package that was installed. This is a very important parameter, as it is the only way to determine whether a package is being installed from scratch, or upgraded from a previous version. Using this parameter, it is possible to determine what incremental changes, if any, need to be performed.

The run() method

array $infoArray

if $paramGroupId is _undoOnError, then $infoArray will contain a list of successfully completed parameter group sections. This can be used to restore any system changes made by the installation script.

Otherwise, $infoArray contains the results of the user input from the most recent <paramgroup> section.

string $paramGroupId

This variable either contains _undoOnError or the contents of the most recent <paramgroup>'s <id> tag. Note that paramgroup id cannot begin with an underscore (_), and so _undoOnError can only be triggered by the PEAR installer.

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