PEAR_Common::PEAR_Common() -- PEAR_Common constructor
PEAR_Common::addTempFile() -- register a temporary file or directory
PEAR_Common::analyzeSourceCode() -- analyze the source code of the given PHP file
PEAR_Common::buildProvidesArray() -- Build a array
PEAR_Common::downloadHttp() -- Download a file through HTTP
PEAR_Common::infoFromAny() -- Returns package information from different sources
PEAR_Common::infoFromDescriptionFile() -- Returns information about a package file
PEAR_Common::infoFromString() -- Returns information about a package file
PEAR_Common::infoFromTgzFile() -- Returns information about a package file
PEAR_Common::log() -- Logging method
PEAR_Common::mkDirHier() -- Create a directory and necessary parent directories
PEAR_Common::mkTempDir() -- Create and register a temporary directory.
PEAR_Common::setFrontendObject() -- Set object representing frontend to use.
PEAR_Common::validatePackageInfo() -- Validate XML package definition file
PEAR_Common::validPackageName() -- Test whether a string is a valid package name
PEAR_Common::xmlFromInfo() -- Return an XML document based on the package info



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