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Last updated: Sun, 16 May 2004


Class Summary PEAR_PackageFileManager -- PEAR :: PackageFileManager updates the <filelist></filelist> section of a PEAR package.xml file to reflect the current files in preparation for a release.
constructor PEAR_PackageFileManager::PEAR_PackageFileManager() -- Does nothing, use setOptions
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addConfigureOption() -- Add an install-time configuration option for building of source
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addDependency() -- Add a dependency on another package, or an extension/php
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addMaintainer() -- Add a maintainer to the list of maintainers.
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addPlatformException() -- Add an install-time platform conditional install for a file
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addReplacement() -- Add a replacement option for a file
PEAR_PackageFileManager::addRole() -- Add an extension/role mapping to the role mapping option
PEAR_PackageFileManager::debugPackageFile() -- ALWAYS use this to test output before overwriting your package.xml!!
PEAR_PackageFileManager::getWarnings() -- Retrieve the list of warnings
PEAR_PackageFileManager::isIncludeable() -- calls for each value in include_path,
PEAR_PackageFileManager::pushWarning() -- Store a warning on the warning stack
PEAR_PackageFileManager::raiseError() -- Utility function to shorten error generation code
PEAR_PackageFileManager::setOptions() -- Set package.xml generation options
PEAR_PackageFileManager::writePackageFile() -- Writes the package.xml file out with the newly created <release></release> tag
Class Summary PEAR_PackageFileManager_CVS -- Generate a file list from a CVS checkout
PEAR_PackageFileManager_CVS::dirList() -- Return a list of all files in the CVS repository
Class Summary PEAR_PackageFileManager_File -- Retrieve the files from a directory listing
constructor PEAR_PackageFileManager_File::PEAR_PackageFileManager_File() -- Set up the File filelist generator
PEAR_PackageFileManager_File::dirList() -- Retrieve a listing of every file in $directory and all subdirectories.
PEAR_PackageFileManager_File::getFileList() -- Generate the <filelist></filelist> section of the package file.
Class Summary PEAR_PackageFileManager_XMLOutput -- Class for XML output
Package PEAR_PackageFileManager Constants -- Constants defined in and used by PEAR_PackageFileManager
Package PEAR_PackageFileManager Global Variables -- Global Variables defined in and used by PEAR_PackageFileManager
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