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Last updated: Sun, 16 May 2004

Глава 30. Internationalization

Provides packages for internationalization and localization.


Class Summary I18Nv2 -- I18Nv2 - Internationalization v2
I18Nv2::setLocale() -- Set locale
I18Nv2::lastLocale() -- Get current/prior locale
I18Nv2::getInfo() -- Get several locale specific information
I18Nv2::autoConv() -- Automatically transform output between character sets
I18Nv2::createLocale() -- Create an I18Nv2_Locale object
I18Nv2::createNegotiator() -- Create an I18Nv2_Negotiator object
I18Nv2::langs2locales() -- Transform languages to locales
I18Nv2::locales2langs() -- Transform locales to languages
Class Summary I18Nv2_Locale -- I18Nv2_Locale
I18Nv2 Constants -- Constants defined in and used by I18Nv2
I18Nv2_Locale::I18Nv2_Locale() -- Constructor
I18Nv2_Locale::initialize() -- Initialize
I18Nv2_Locale::loadExtension() -- Loads corresponding locale extension
I18Nv2_Locale::setLocale() -- Set locale
I18Nv2_Locale::setDefaults() -- Set defaults
I18Nv2_Locale::setCustomFormat() -- Set custom format
I18Nv2_Locale::setCurrencyFormat() -- Set currency format
I18Nv2_Locale::setDateFormat() -- Set date format
I18Nv2_Locale::setNumberFormat() -- Set number format
I18Nv2_Locale::setTimeFormat() -- Set time format
I18Nv2_Locale::formatDate() -- Format a date
I18Nv2_Locale::formatTime() -- Format a time
I18Nv2_Locale::formatNumber() -- Format a number
I18Nv2_Locale::formatCurrency() -- Format currency
I18Nv2_Locale::date() -- Get local date
I18Nv2_Locale::time() -- Get local time
I18Nv2_Locale::dayName() -- Get local day name
I18Nv2_Locale::monthName() -- Get local month name
Class Summary I18Nv2_Negotiator -- I18Nv2_Negotiator
I18Nv2_Negotiator::I18Nv2_Negotiator() -- Constructor
I18Nv2_Negotiator::getCharsetMatch() -- Get character set match
I18Nv2_Negotiator::getCountryMatch() -- Get country match
I18Nv2_Negotiator::getLanguageMatch() -- Get language match
I18Nv2_Negotiator::getLocaleMatch() -- Get locale match
I18Nv2_Negotiator::getVariantInfo() -- Return variant info for passed parameter.
I18Nv2_Negotiator::singleI18NCountry() -- Create the Country helper object
I18Nv2_Negotiator::singleI18NLanguage() -- Create the Language helper object
Class Summary I18Nv2_Country -- I18Nv2_Country
I18Nv2_Country::I18Nv2_Country() -- Constructor
I18Nv2_Country::getAllCodes() -- Get all codes
I18Nv2_Country::getName() -- Get country name
I18Nv2_Country::isValidCode() -- Check if country code is valid
Class Summary I18Nv2_Language -- I18Nv2_Language
I18Nv2_Language::I18Nv2_Language() -- Constructor
I18Nv2_Language::getAllCodes() -- Get all codes
I18Nv2_Language::getName() -- Return name of the language for language code
I18Nv2_Language::isValidCode() -- Check if language code is valid
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