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Глава 20. Конфигурация

Предоставляет пакеты для управления конфигурациямию


Introduction --  What Config can do
Editing a configuration --  How to manipulate your configuration content
Config::Config() -- constructor
Config::getRoot() -- Return root container for config object
Config::isConfigTypeRegistered() -- Returns TRUE if container is registered
Config::parseConfig() -- Parse datasource contents
Config::setRoot() -- Set content of root Config_container object
Config::writeConfig() -- Write container content to datasource
Config_Container::Config_Container() -- Constructor
Config_Container::addItem() -- Add item to this item.
Config_Container::countChildren() -- Count children of container
Config_Container::createBlank() -- Add blank line to item
Config_Container::createComment() -- Add comment to item
Config_Container::createDirective() -- Add directive to item
Config_Container::createItem() -- Create new child for section item
Config_Container::createSection() -- Add section to item
Config_Container::getAttribute() -- Get attribute value of item
Config_Container::getAttributes() -- Get item attributes
Config_Container::getChild() -- Return child object at specified index.
Config_Container::getContent() -- Get item content
Config_Container::getItem() -- Tries to find specific items
Config_Container::getItemIndex() -- Return item index in its parent children array
Config_Container::getItemPosition() -- Return item rank in its parent children array
Config_Container::getName() -- Get item name
Config_Container::getParent() -- Return item parent object
Config_Container::getType() -- Get item type
Config_Container::isRoot() -- Check for root item
Config_Container::removeItem() -- Deletes an item from the object
Config_Container::searchPath() -- Finds a node using XPATH like format
Config_Container::setAttributes() -- Set item attributes
Config_Container::setContent() -- Set item content
Config_Container::setDirective() -- Set child directive content or create new directive
Config_Container::setName() -- Set item name
Config_Container::setType() -- Set item type
Config_Container::toArray() -- Return key/value pair array of container and its children
Config_Container::toString() -- Return string representation
Config_Container::updateAttributes() -- Update item attributes
Config_Container::writeDatasrc() -- Write item to file

The Config package provides methods for configuration manipulation.

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